How to use Simple Control on Android

How to use Simple Control on Android

Cara menambahkan virtual navbar di Android tanpa root Cara Menggunakan Simple Control di Android
The back, home, and recent task buttons commonly called navigation on an Android smartphone are important features in the use of the Android operating system.

We know two types of navigation buttons, namely the physical type that is perfectly below the screen and the virtual navbar that is integrated in the display screen.

From the virtual type itself can be found on mobile phones resembling Sony Xperia, Android One, Google pixel and others.

As for the physical type that is most widely used by smartphone vendors and we can find it easily resembling Asus, Oppo, Xiaomi and so on.

Is the physical navigation button on your smartphone experiencing seated cases not functioning? Or just want to just enhance your appearance by adding virtual navbar without root? If so, you have arrived at the right blog. We are personal below!

The application that you can use is from the developer Pie control which is Simple Control. This application is the most ideal solution for sitting the case.

It also shows complete control and is very easy to adjust, the reason being that Simple Control has several features including configuring the size when the screen becomes vertical or horizontal, adjusting transparency, functions disappear slowly when not in use.

And the most important thing is providing about 35 choices of icons that can be used free of charge.

How to use simple control

1. Install the application from the Google play store

2. Open and activate Simple control in the accessibility settings

How to add a virtual navbar on Android without root How to use Simple Control on Android

3. Select the activation area, which functions to bring up the navigation button resembling vertically or horizontally for the device in landscape position and adjust the position, length and thickness as you wish.

How to add a virtual navbar on Android without root How to use Simple Control on Android

Using simple control

4. After that, enter the settings panel, here you will find:

Floating activator, which has a purpose to bring up the activation area in a floating position
Button to implement the desired function resembles the back, home and recent tasks. While the long click option has the utility to create shortcuts when pressing buttons obsolete like a camera, serving power, screen capture, notification panel and volume.
Option, to configure background, icon color, transparency, vibration and auto hide functions. [post_ads]
5. And finally the choice of icons, select what you want.

How to add a virtual navbar on Android without root How to use Simple Control on Android

Add virtual navbar without root

6. To use it, simply rub your finger on the surface of the activation area that has been previously set and to hide, use it in the same way or leave it alone (if you have activated the auto hide feature).

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Done, pretty easy right? With this application you no longer need to use physical buttons when on the move with an Android device without having to fear the physical button is damaged.
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